EU: Circular Economy

EU economy targets are set with high standards action plan.  Reuse,  Recycle, Repair !!! Ecodesign, Fight against food waste, Waste to energy processes, Sustainable waste management, Water Reuse … Read more about the action plan circular issued on 26, Jan 2017.

Our Code of Conduct

OUTLINE BNCMC Network Ltd is fundamentally committed to build and maintain sound relationships between people and society. CODE OF CONDUCT Our Business Code of Conduct is defined values that rule each individual’s behaviour through implemented principles and standards within the organization so that it contributes to all stakeholders’ welfare and safeguards and respects everyone involved therein. Purpose The Code of Conduct aims to Protect the business […]


Cyprus : Register New Company

Register Your Business in Cyprus. How ? Consider the business type you want to enter into Partnership Sole proprietorship Limited liability company (LLC) Limited company Public (PLC) Private Limited by guarantee Decide where your business control is to be exercised Abroad then your business is to be considered as subsidiary of the holding or offshore; if no business activity exists then income is not taxable in Cyprus […]