Trade in Medical Products reaches $1.01 trillion

2019 Total Imports of Medical Products: reaches $1 Trillion World imports of medical products totalled $1.011 billion in 2019, a 5% increase from 2018. Together with exports, trade in these medical products amounted about $2trillion and accounted for 5% of the total of merchandise trade in 2019. The largest category by value were the “medicines”,which represents 56% of the total value of medical product imports, followed […]


EU 2017 GDP per capita released 19 June 2018

Actual Individual Consumption per capita measures the households welfare and purchasing power in EU  Latest release is launched based upon preliminary estimates regarding 2017. The actual individual consumption per capita within European Union varies quite a lot as you can verify from the release. You can find the release information following this link   You can view information release on Europe map by following this link    


Let’s Network!

Let’s Network! BNCMC Network strongly believes that now is the time to make things better and starts a new era. Provides a new approach Offers different perspective  Generates new synergies To express your interest, FILL in the form to join and participate in new market perspective.   Note: Submitted information remains strictly confidential and subject under Cyprus legislation  


GDPR: Compliance Tool

Under BNCMC Network Social Responsibility, firm assists SMEs to adopt correctly GDPR legislation.   This new GDPR compliance tool is set to 100% to reflect what SMEs need to adopt so as to fully comply. Within the tool, two specific areas do not apply to all SMEs.  Their value is meaningless for SMEs overall compliance. SMEs if fully compliant to GDPR legislation, the compliance tool, excluding those two […]