EU Funding program 2016-2017

European Commission Decision C(2016) 1349, 9 March 2016 The program covers the years 2016-2017.  “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” Areas of concern are: Heating and cooling solutions; existing and new solutions Buildings renovation towards energy management systems Industry and services joint actions towards increasing energy efficiency Project development financing, innovative financing schemes Engage consumers towards sustainable energy If interested read the following sections: SME instrument  > […]

EU infrastructure policy

In 2014 the EU Commission decided upon the EU infrastructure policy. See memo circulated. Funding was established for the period 2014- 2020. But there are things that still need to be done by us and we should probably pay more attention. Further details for Cyprus can be found here.

EU fisheries

Cyprus.  We live in an island.  Our aim should had been to use this advantage. We need to elaborate further and use it more efficiently and create and support our own fish farms.  See details regarding fishing…