GDPR: Compliance Tool

Under BNCMC Network Social Responsibility, firm assists SMEs to adopt correctly GDPR legislation.   This new GDPR compliance tool is set to 100% to reflect what SMEs need to adopt so as to fully comply. Within the tool, two specific areas do not apply to all SMEs.  Their value is meaningless for SMEs overall compliance. SMEs if fully compliant to GDPR legislation, the compliance tool, excluding those two […]


Renewable Energy: New EU statistics

Be Aware! New Statistics issued this month regarding 2016. European countries information about their estimated target to be met by 2020 regarding share of energy from renewable sources. Almost half (11) of the European Countries already met their target in 2016 and the rest are close to their target. Nine (9) are quite away from meeting their target. Cyprus is one of those and this proves […]