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Let’s Network! BNCMC Network strongly believes that now is the time to make things better and starts a new era. Provides a new approach Offers different perspective  Generates new synergies To express your interest, FILL in the form to join and participate in new market perspective.   Note: Submitted information remains strictly confidential and subject under Cyprus legislation  

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LEGAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Thank you for participating and using our Services, either directly provided by BNCMC Network either provided by BlogStream, a brand owned by BNCMC Network Ltd, a legal entity (the “Firm”) registered under Registrar of Companies in Cyprus. We are obliged to inform you that by using our Services, you are accepting and agreeing to the terms set below.  Where needed, additional terms […]

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OUTLINE BNCMC Network Ltd is fundamentally committed to build and maintain sound relationships between people and society. CODE OF CONDUCT Our Business Code of Conduct is defined values that rule each individual’s behaviour through implemented principles and standards within the organization so that it contributes to all stakeholders’ welfare and safeguards and respects everyone involved therein. Purpose The Code of Conduct aims to Protect the business […]