Our Code of Conduct


BNCMC Network Ltd is fundamentally committed to build and maintain sound relationships between people and society.


Our Business Code of Conduct is defined values that rule each individual’s behaviour through implemented principles and standards within the organization so that it contributes to all stakeholders’ welfare and safeguards and respects everyone involved therein.


The Code of Conduct aims to

  • Protect the business and all stakeholders involved; safeguard reputation
  • Meet business expectations; success on shared vision via teamwork
  • Meet stakeholders expectations; excellent standard of services

Code of Conduct: Values

  • Exquisite performance level

All our people adopt and act based on business defined key principles; professional due care, ethically, lawfully, confidentiality, competency, integrity and objectivity

  • Team work environment

We are all participants of a unified team that embraces all at individual level

Team working assumes that:

All respect and honour each other; discrimination and harassment are absent

People invest in people through collaborative spirit; all individuals need to excel

We seek the proper answer; quarrel has no place inhere

  • Individual commitment and engagement

Team work requires participants to commit and engage at personal level.

We undertake work in liaison with our key principles; larceny is absent

Execution throughout uses the set business standards and procedures

Proper code of conduct use produces the required level of professionalism we seek!


This is our way of business conduct through clearly designed standards that intend to guide all participants’ behaviours and actions to support integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and due professional care.

Workforce Rights

Entitled to

  • Equality
  • Cultural diversity
  • Learning
  • Personal development
  • Consult and ask for advice
  • Raise issues and express an appropriate opinion
  • Mentor others if qualified to do so
  • Fair remuneration
  • Safe, healthy, flexible work environment

Workforce Obligations

Responsible for

  • Adopting and implementing the business key principles; be proactive
  • Getting involved and become a team member; avoid personal conflicts
  • Engaging and committing at every level of work provided; be professional
  • Delivering work at expected performance level; set to high standard quality level
  • Challenging underlying assumptions and pursuing actual facts ; be prudent
  • Being honest throughout your communication; avoid and report unethical, unlawful acts
  • Avoiding any possible conflicts of interest; protecting own and firm’s reputation
  • Following professional code of conduct at personal level
  • Adopting environmental concept and managing any impact issues

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is a necessity for governance and compliance.  Code provides people the acceptable principles to empower them to act upon the decisions they made.  Code of Ethics is directly related to our code of conduct values.   Values are herewith defined in further detail so that essential guidance is provided for valuable decision making.  Our Code of Ethics is consistent to the applicable laws of the regime we operate.

The Code of Ethics encompasses:

  • Social norms; being a set of rules and responsibilities of proper practices
  • Ethical moral codes
  • Religious laws

Further details are provided within the rulebook at individual, team and business level for:

  • Business Values
  • Behaviour Guidelines
  • Ethics Action Guidelines

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