Renewable Energy: New EU statistics

Be Aware!
New Statistics issued this month regarding 2016.

European countries information about their estimated target to be met by 2020 regarding share of energy from renewable sources.

Almost half (11) of the European Countries already met their target in 2016 and the rest are close to their target. Nine (9) are quite away from meeting their target. Cyprus is one of those and this proves tat still needs to do much more to meet the target set.

In response to the data revealed European Commission issued a fact sheet to redefine the targets set and redefine the targets set and extends period to 2030.  By 2030 half of the European electricity consumption should be generated by renewable resources.

Let us consider that there are countries, for example Sweden, that recycle and burn the domestic waste (approximately 50%) and produce energy.  From the ashes (15% of initial waste weight) remained, any metals are separated and recycled, porcelain and tile sifted to extract gravel for road construction. And the final remaining ashes are only 1% of initial waste.  Incineration process smoke consists of 99,9% non-toxic carbon dioxide and water and is filtered with dry filters and water.  The sludge created is used to refill the abandoned mines.

All get involved to boost renewable energy use! It would be nice to use some money and enhance Cyprus infrastructure upon renewable energy.