The Founder Story

The individual behind the BNCMC Network, the Consulting Firm, is Maria Antoniou.  A person with calibrated knowledge and thirst for more.  A responsible individual with strong organizational capabilities.  A primary self-motivated team player.

Mrs Antoniou graduated high school having in her personal bag just the necessary qualifications; High School diploma, certifications upon English language and LCCI accounting higher diploma.

The thirst for knowledge urged her to ask for immediate employment and did so.  An accounting clerk in a small manufacturing unit, then within short period of time was hired as an accountant’s assistant that was successfully promoted to accountant in a reputable Customs & Excise clearing agent organization with warehousing services.

New career milestone placed with the position accepted at a large corporate public and listed organization in the retail industry.  Accounting clerk handling exclusively at the beginning local creditors, credit terms and payments, imports and costings, then was assigned to handle entirely overseas creditors, their payments and bank documentation handling process, was challenged and did so to setup, prepare and also assigned the maintenance of the fixed assets registry.  Even though, the position referred to an accounting assistant, assignments given placed and considered her as joker wherever assistance needed within organization to complete the needed job to be done, inclusive supporting the listed organization needs upon CSE portfolio requirements.  Meanwhile, Mrs Antoniou considered it was time to enhance existing knowledge.  So, refreshed the English language by taking GCE exam, applied for student certified accounting technician and received exceptions, matter that allowed to complete and receive full certification successfully within a strict timeframe that was set by herself.

Knowledge enhancement was a step to advance existing career further.  Appointed as Management Accountant in a Consulting and Audit Firm.  Initial appointment was to handle clients’ bookkeeping, payroll, management accounts preparation but then assignments involved statutory audit reviews, financial statements and tax returns preparation and submissions.  Through time assignments involved software promotion, presentations and trainings, even supported client’s upon initial software setup, implementation and support.  Assignments that trigger the participation and thirst to apply as student to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, that through hard time schedule, studied and successfully concluded within few years,

A further career milestone was placed by jumping back to retail industry that was appointed as Chief Accountant and Assistant to the Financial Controller of the private Group organization. Position with enormous responsibilities that involved proper supervision and maintenance of organization’s internal controls, inclusive setup and implementation of the new business software system.  Assignment evolved into the initial setup and proper maintenance of the organization cash flow management system.  Successful response and outcome but, as mum of two children it was decided to move closer to home, and make more time available for them to support them further and appropriately to their needs.

New milestone in the career; employed as assistant to Group Financial Controller with initial responsibility to overview proper records maintenance, preparation of the organization management accounts, reviewing and finalizing the group entities for auditor’s visit and review.  Successful assignments that evolved into preparing for auditors review the public but not listed organization draft consolidated accounts.  But Mrs Antoniou took a further step and in addition to the UK tax regime, took the Cyprus tax and law regime aptitude tests and as consequence fulfilled the primary goal and achieved being accepted as an ACCA and ICPAC member.  The trigger to continue and finalize the Bachelor degree in Applied Accounting, which did soon enough after ICPAC admission and received the BSc (Honours) degree in Applied Accounting.  Having in her toolbag such certifications, diplomas and expertise was the cause to be admitted as an associate member to global professional associations, IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) and CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner).

Eventually, Mrs Antoniou returned back to the auditing industry where worked as an auditor’s assistant in small firm.  New career milestones are about to set.  Within the next years; became a Fellow ICPAC member, applied to ICPAC and granted the certification of being a registered accountant and registered auditor.  And journey continued by receiving the accredited certification in MSc in Finance & Banking.

Today, maintaining and preserving ethics and professionalism, continues the journey.

“Always looking forward with respect to all; individuals, entities, associations and employers that allowed to evolve.  Looking forward to meet and assist those individuals and entities in need, to support them, to help them evolve; that’s a good feeling that everyone deserves to get”.

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